Detrás de Surita Studio

Manifiesto: ética y moda

Surita Studio is a Spanish conscious brand founded by Rus Tapia.

“I was born in 1996 in A Coruña, Spain. After graduating from Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and having worked for several fashion companies, in 2021 I decided to found Surita Studio.

My aim was to create a fashion brand driven by consciousness and sustainability, without leaving quality and design behind.

I aspire to create timeless pieces that make people thrilled about adding them to their wardrobe. Surita’s pieces are meant to feel unique and special: because they are designed with so much care and detail. I am constantly looking for natural, organic and certified fabrics that meet Surita Studio’s beauty standards. I also believe in the importance of locally made products. Because of that, everything is designed and manufactured, only with European fabrics, in my hometown,  A Coruña”.


In this busy hectic world, Surita Studio has been conceived as a space where people can decelerate the pace of modern life; a place in which people can embrace the greatness of time and the small things.

We believe that a cultural change is happening, and we want to be a part of it; a movement in which decisions are starting to be made by our conscious mind. As a consequence, our aim is to give magic to the dressing ritual; helping the contemporary woman to create a timeless wardrobe that also allows her to express her self.

Our collections are conceived for people who want to buy less but better; for people who are looking for unique and high-quality pieces, without compromising their values. As a result, we create a timeless and romantic image, that reflects a sensitive world where everything is simplified, allowing us to re-connect with nature and one’s inner self.

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