Surita Studio was born with the aim of decelerating the pace of the world we live in, by having a thoughtful and holistic approach to the way we do things. 

We aim to make clothes that are timeless and unique; garments that can stand the test of time, without compromising the different steps of the production chain; always looking for the most responsible and ethical practices.

  • Transparency and traceability are two of our main backbones. In order for you to make a mindful and conscious choice, you need information. We always want to know the back history of the materials we use. We look for the origin of the fiber, the way it was manufactured, we make sure that the people who are part of the supply chain are treated in an ethical and responsable way. We openly share that information with you.
  • We only use natural, certified or deadstock fabrics.
  • All of our collections are designed and crafted in Spain. Surita Studio is a local brand and only works with small family owned factories; this way we can have a close relationship with our suppliers.
  • Quality over quantity. We believe that the future of fashion is about buying less but buying better. We try to bring the best quality pieces to life. We are not a fast fashion brand: our collections take time. We think about them carefully and spend time looking for for the best materials. Our garments are unique and made in small quantities to avoid overproduction.
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